The Head of State will attend a ceremony at the Mont Valérien memorial before going, with a small delegation, on a diplomatic visit to London.

Emmanuel Macron celebrates Thursday, in Paris and then in London, the 80th anniversary of the June 18 appeal of Charles de Gaulle, the occasion for him to call for the unity of the nation when all his opponents are fighting over the legacy of the general. To start this day under the sign of Franco-British friendship, the Head of State will travel to the Invalides for a visit to the Liberation Museum. There he will meet Hubert Germain, 99, one of the last four Companions of the Liberation, who is a boarder at the Invalides.

The President of the Republic will then attend the traditional ceremony at the Mont Valérien memorial, the main place of execution of resistance fighters and hostages during the Second World War. He will be there alongside his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, but without an audience, due to health precautions, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. The Patrouille de France and the Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force will fly over Mont Valérien and the statue of Winston Churchill in front of the Petit Palais.

The Legion of Honor in the City of London

With a small delegation, the President of the Republic will then fly to London – where the quarantine requirement for foreign visitors exempts diplomatic visits   to pay tribute to the city that was the capital of Free France. It will be his first trip abroad since his visit to Naples on February 27 for an Italian-French summit.

In the presence of Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron will present the Legion of Honor to the city of London, the seventh thus decorated after Algiers, Belgrade, Brazzaville, Liège, Luxembourg and Volgograd. The day after his arrival in London, De Gaulle had called on the French military, engineers and workers to join him to continue the fight against Nazi Germany, despite the armistice requested by Marshal Pétain.

Emmanuel Macron will then be received at Clarence House, the residence of Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, and his wife Camilla. The French head of state will conclude his visit with an interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where Brexit negotiations should be on the menu.