The airline is in great difficulty after the cancellation of almost all flights with the coronavirus crisis and containment

Very affected by the coronavirus crisis, Air France plans to cut thousands of jobs. Asked about France inter, the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire asked the airline not to initiate “forced” departures.

“There will be necessary adjustments, but I wish and I ask Air France that there are no forced departures. I think that’s the important red line, that there are no forced departures, ”said the minister on France Inter. The minister did not, however, confirm the figure of 8,000 job cuts within the company, advanced Wednesday by the daily Les Echos.

400 positions cut and redundancies identified

“I hope it is less than 8,000 positions of course. This means that I deeply believe in the future of our airline, “said the Minister. At this stage, the discussions with the management related to the pilots of Air France on “a device of collective conventional rupture” and “400 posts abolished”, indicated to AFP Wednesday a representative of the union of the pilots SNPL.

In parallel, “there are also discussions” on the future of the 200 pilots who flew on the A380, a model destined to leave the company’s fleet, he added. “An overstaffing of 1,800 positions has been identified” among hostesses and stewards, according to the SNGAF union, and “approximately 1,800 positions” would be targeted by management in support functions, said Didier Dague, salaried administrator (FO) in May ‘Air France.

A real threat to the company

Finally, at Hop !, a regional subsidiary of Air France particularly threatened by the overhaul of the group’s short-haul network, Joël Rondel, secretary of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), fears the elimination of half of the 2,700 current positions.

Despite these threatened posts, Bruno Le Maire defended the support of 7 billion euros granted to the company by the State, without formal conditions on employment. “When the air traffic collapses, say” I put in money but we will absolutely keep each job “, what does that lead to? It can lead to bankruptcy risks and that was what threatened Air France, “he said.