Four and a half months from the presidential election on November 3, and while Donald Trump seems to be unscrewing in the polls, a new book will further tarnish the image of the American president, signed by his ex-national security adviser.

The essay by Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, is called The Room in which It Happened. Memoirs of the White House and due out Tuesday, June 23. 592 pages to sum up 17 months spent in the office of the American president. Several extracts have already leaked in the press, provoking the ire of Donald Trump who seeks to have it banned.

John Bolton, the go-to-war conservative who in January refused to testify before Congress in the Trump recall trial, recounts what he saw and heard in the Oval Office. He describes Donald Trump obsessed with his personal interests. On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka a year ago, for example, he asked his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to buy more American soybeans in order to facilitate re-election next November, Bolton says.

Trump wanted to ban publication

Bolton also describes an erratic and ill-informed president, who seems to be unaware that the United Kingdom has nuclear weapons, who thinks that Finland belongs to the Russian Federation, which appreciates the company of the dictators like the North Korean Kim Jong-Un. The former national security adviser also confirms the pressure on Ukraine to try to obtain compromising information on the democratic rival Joe Biden.

The White House has tried to ban the book on the grounds that it contains confidential information. But for now, the book’s release is still scheduled for Tuesday. He is already number 1 for orders on Amazon, and Sunday evening John Bolton is the guest of the ABC chain. “The man the president wants to silence,”  says the promo tape, which is already looping:

And another dependent book against Donald Trump is to be published in late July: that of his niece Mary Trump who promises to reveal the secrets of the wealth of the republican billionaire, and in particular his tax evasion.