Anyone can build an online business if you have an internet connection and a drive to succeed. You just have to piece them together and take action.

Meet Lucas Lee-Tyson, a young business entrepreneur who bootstrapped his independent digital advertising and consultancy agency Growth Cave. Struggling to do well at different business models he tried at first, Lucas made his way through different online marketing jobs and projects until he discovered the income potential of paid advertising.

While working as a marketing intern at a tech company, Lucas discovered how much money is spent by many businesses for paid advertising and how much they pay people to design and manage their campaigns. Taking interest in the idea of learning more about paid advertising for an uncapped earning potential, Lucas used his marketing internship experience with the help of some YouTube videos to learn more about paid advertising. Selling himself as a PPC pay-per-click) Specialist online, Lucas started entertaining clients (while still working at his regular 9 to 5 internship) during his lunch breaks, after shifts, and even before shifts for clients who were from different time zones.

Like most business entrepreneurs who are just starting, Lucas Lee-Tyson was worried he might not satisfy his clients at first. Although he had “some experience” in running Facebook Ads, he was completely terrified that he might end up throwing someone else’s money down the drain. He eventually realized that this was just an unfounded fear. With his experience in digital marketing and profound knowledge and skills in digital advertising, he never had a case of ruining someone else’s ad campaigns and budget. According to him, if you feel like you don’t have the confidence at first, just tell yourself that you have the experience and the qualities.

One thing that added to his success is the realization that many clients aren’t just after amazing results. Many want to feel listened to and make feel that their inputs matter. Making your ads perform and convert leads into sales is only half of the battle. Making a client feel valued increases their satisfaction and likelihood to stay longer and sign in more projects.

With all of his current success, one might assume that Lucas Lee-Tyson has everything under control. But contrary to this assumption, Lucas is suffering from an inability to delegate. He’s used to learning and doing everything on his own which is now limiting him as a business owner in a lot of ways. Lucas added in an interview that delegating is an obstacle he is trying to overcome to continue growing his business so he can focus more on high-impact areas.

In hindsight, the start was the hardest for Lucas. With multiple occasions of wanting to give up and just calling it another failed business venture. Thankfully, Lucas Lee-Tyson pushed through with it and is now basking in the success of his business which initially was just a side project.

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